I heavily use ODBC to connect to Postgresql, Mysql and Oracle 9 
databases under windows xp using Access (the use of it is a corporate 
choice, you know). 
Under a freshly installed FreeBSD 6.1 on which I 
installed the latest PgSQL & MySQL & Oracle8-client together with 
unixODBC, I have no problem at all at setting up the two open-source 
DBs odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini lines of command but I am somewhat 
disorientated about the poor documentation I can find around in the net 
about how to set up an Oracle connection via unixODBC (by the way, I 
cannot ask my Company to buy something like "EasySoft"). 
On one hand 
the author of the freebsd port of the Oracle client says that his port 
is the "essential" client that you can use to connect to an oracle up 
to 9i db via unixODBC but no example of *.ini files for that kind of 
connection are given.

Could you please clarify this subject to me?

Ciao & Grazie (Bye & Thanks a lot)
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