OK< so it's just taking a while to port. Guess I should be glad I
didn't try downloading and compiling it straight.

As for no functionality (mentioned a lot): evdev is functionality that
supports more than 7 mouse buttons, and that's functionality that I
would gain a lot benefit from.

Thanks, that link was useful.
-Jim Stapleton

[from another thread, as reference]
subject: Which xorg driver/setup to use to get all the buttons for a
Logitech MX518
On 5/19/06, Marshall Pierce <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I was catching up on my freebsd lists, and saw this... Note that you
can't use evdev unless you're using Xorg 7, as far as I know. Once
on xorg7, you can use evdev as the driver for your mouse, and things
Just Work. See this guide: http://floam.sh.nu/guides/mx1000

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