Tom K wrote:
>>>> I'm running PC-BSD, with FreeBSD 6 under the hood. The device is a
>>>> Netgear MA111, with Prism 2.5 chipset, which dmesg shows as
>>>> ugen1: vendor 0x0846 product 0x4110, rev 1.10/1.32
>>>> This is what I've done so far:
>>>> - Installed the kernel source in /usr/src/sys.
>>>> - Copied over the .inf and .sys files from the WinXP driver
>>>> - Run ndisgen, which reported success
>>>> - Copied the new module to /boot/kernel
>>>> - kldload ndis and kldload new_module
>>>> No ndis interface is created, and dmesg shows the following messages:
>>>> no match for USBD_CreateConfigurationRequestEx
>>>> no match for USBD_ParseConfigurationDescriptorEx
>>>> I can't find any reference anywhere to these errors, or anything
>>>> like them. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
> Minor update, if anyone's interested - I've now tried it on freebsd 6.1,
> with the same result.

Windows NDIS device drivers work because the co-called Project Evil is
emulating the NDIS subsystem of Windows, effectively tricking these
drivers into believing they run under Windows.

However, to support Windows drivers for USB networking devices, would
require emulation of the USB subsystem in Windows as well. This is not
the case for FreeBSD today.

        Svein Halvor

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