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"Marwan Sultan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello Beto,
>   Thank you again, for the quick replay, the last step has been done as 
> root, but the error presented.
>   after searching freebsd list i found the follow to command insted.
> >cd /usr/src   patch < rtld_dlsym_hack.diff  cd libexec/rtld-elf/  make 
> >clean    make obj    make depend   make && make install
> and after reboot it was perfect. 

ha! yes, probably you had to do this to refresh the library if it was already
in memory (init 1, enter, ctrl-d would have been faster though)

> I'v tested few sites and flash is working great, one of the sites, if you 
> click on
> the flash ads that they have, it will open externel popup flash window for 
> you
> to run a flash video clip on it, this one didnot work,
> I think it needs external flash player to run such thing is it correct?
> do you recommend any?

dont click on the ads? ;) not sure - i never actually had the need for that....
an 'external popup flash window' would be, in most cases, a browser window , so
you should be covered here. Maybe it's a video.google flash? (or something
using the *same* tech so it also fails? I've found a few that die... but the
ones @ flash.com all worked fine.

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