Garrett Cooper wrote:
Ok, so the back story is that something hardware-related in my older machine fileserver died, all the info's on a series of SCSI disks, and my other desktop doesn't support SCSI, nor does it have the space for the drives/card (yay for dell), thus I need to either buy replacement parts or buy a new machine (I'm weighing the pros and cons right now). So I was wondering if my disk with all of the compiled binaries for my 1.2 GHz could simply be moved from one machine to another and just work without having to reinstall or recompile FreeBSD or not. I would think that I could just move the drive to another machine and boot from it, given the fact that Intel loves making their instruction sets backwards compatible, but I just need to make sure since I don't want to invest in something more expensive and discover I have to start from square one.
   Overall, time is of more value to me right now than anything else.
Another valid question I suppose is whether or not I can move the machine from a box with a Celeron CPU to one with an AMD CPU (not sure if vendors matter even though ISAs are the same).
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