This may be a wild shot in the dark.
Netgear WPN311 & WG311T are both CLIENT RangeMax Wireless PCI
Adapter cards.
Looks to me like you are missing hardware needed to make your wanted
wireless network to work.

On your wired LAN you cable a Nic card in your gateway box to
a hub/router/switch through which all other PC's on the LAN are
connected into.

A wireless system works much the same way. Your gateway box should
have a Nic cabled to an wireless base/router through which all other
PC's on the wireless LAN broadcast/communicate with.

You need a Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router WPN824 which is a
stand-a-lone piece of equipment cabled to your gateway box. The
Netgear WPN311 card you have in the gateway box is useless. Use it
for some other PC you want on your wireless LAN.

Please take note that the built in hardware wireless wep/wpa
encryption security is a laugh. Any body with some free software off
the internet can drive down your street and pick up your wireless
base broadcast and gain access to your network and the public
internet through you if you only rely on wep/wpa encryption for
access security. There are many solutions out there. Review the
questions list archives on wireless security for many suggestion on
how to protect your wireless network.

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Subject: Firewall with 3 NIC (1 wireless) problem

        I am attempting to add a wireless capabilities to an existing
network /
firewall structure.  I added a wireless NIC card to the firewall
WPN311) and followed the wireless instructions.  I also added a
similar card
to an existing computer (Netgear WG311T).
        The Firewall's internal wired network is on and the
Wireless card
is set to
        The client computer can find the wireless network and I can ping
the wireless
card (  However, I can get nowhere else.  I cannot get
to the
wired subnet nor outside access to the internet.  I tried adding a
from the wired to the wireless network interfaces but that did
nothing.  I
tried putting the wireless Nic to but that made things
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
        Both client and firewall are running Freebsd 6.1  Relevant (that I
can think
of) files from the firewall are included...

Thanks in Advance.


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