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>If you want to only have one set of quotas, you might consider
>switching to a Postfix/Maildir setup where your users' inboxes will be
>located in their home folder rather than in /var/mail.
>It's a fairly easy switch: install Postfix from
>/usr/ports/mail/postfix, and then you just need to configure one line
>in your Postfix's main.cf to turn on Maildir support:
>Though, there might be a bit of a learning curve with respect to the
>differences between Sendmail and Postfix to convert the rest of your
>configuration over. It all depends on how complicated your current
>setup is.
Maildir is certainly a better way to go.  If you want to stick with
sendmail, you can also use procmail as your LDA.  However, again, it
requires a bit of learning as it works differently.

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