> Tuc at T-B-O-H wrote:
> >     The issue isn't with the upsmon or SHUTDOWNCMD... Its with the
> > fact that /etc/killpower gets set, and somewhere you need to put 
> > "upsdrvctl shutdown". Its during the "shutdown -p now" that at some point
> > needs to be run, and if its run in /etc/rc.shutdown then the shutdown isn't
> > finished and shutting it off at that point the filesystems are dirty.
> Oh, I see the dilemma now. In my case my box powers off but the UPS
> stays on till it drastically dies (if power is still unavailable).
> You're trying to shutdown both the system and the UPS, aren't you? 
        Exactly, yes.
> So
> then they can automatically come back up again when power returns.
        That what I want to do, yea.

        I think I'm finding that the UPS I bought (MGE Ellipse Pulsar)
isn't really a UPS, but a toy.  Now to decide if I give the next step up
(Evolution) a try or is it just wasting more money.

                Thanks, Tuc
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