i hate to ask another "back when i used linux" question, but here goes:

"back when i used linux", i would create a .iso file of a cd like this:

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/path/destfile.iso

... and it would just work.  made a perfect copy every time (specifically,
of microsoft cds at the office, and each one was able to burn to a
bootable copy of what ever it was).  well, i tried to do this in freebsd,
but no luck.  i was able to take a .iso file, but it did not make a
bootable disk once it was burned.  my command was the same as above, but
added bs=2048 at the end(as per what i read in the handbook).

can anyone recommend how to create a .iso image in freebsd that will
render a bootable .iso file?  i hate to have to keep a linux box around
the office just for the purpose of successfully creating a .iso file  :)


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