At 10:54 AM -0400 5/22/06, Scott "Tuc" Ellentuch at T-B-O-H wrote:

        I'd like to find out where to put the
"upsdrvctl shutdown" in the shutdown process. Putting
it in rc.shutdown causes me to have dirty filesystems
constantly that sometimes don't allow the system to
come up.

I seem to recall someone saying that the best way to do
this was to create some flag-file, and then reboot instead
of shutdown.  Then very early in the system-startup you
look for that flag-file, and run 'upsdrvctl shutdown'.

Since you just successfully went through the complete
shutdown, all the disks should be in a safe state.
So, the UPS will yank the power out from under the
computer, but it won't matter.

The trick, of course, is to add some logic there so you
can boot up after the power has returned!  Either check
the last-change date of the flag-file, or maybe do
something to re-mount '/' as writable, delete the one
file, and re-mount it back as read-only.  I have never
done any of this with my own UPS, so I'm not sure of
the details...   :-)

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