Jim Angstadt wrote:

> Hi All,
> Having run "portmanager -u" several times now, I am
> very pleased to say that my times have decreased from
> an initial 38 hours to about 2 hours, per run.
> Along the way, I have cleaned up "conflicts" and did
> "pkg_delete" on several applications that were
> "included in base" or that really were not needed.
> Now I'm faced with situations where I don't have a
> clue.  Below is partial output from "portmanager -s". 
> I have manipulated each line to avoid line wrapping
> problems, I hope.
> 00129 have:cdrtools-2.01_4
>       /sysutils/cdrtools
>       OLD available: cdrtools-2.01_5
> 00131 have:libcdio-0.76_1
>       /sysutils/libcdio
>       OLD available: libcdio-0.77
> 00141 have:dvd+rw-tools-6.1
>       /sysutils/dvd+rw-tools
>       built with OLD dependency: cdrtools-2.01_5
> 00186 have:nautilus-cd-burner-2.14.1
>       /sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner
>       built with OLD dependency: cdrtools-2.01_5
> 00250 have:sound-juicer-2.14.3
>       /audio/sound-juicer
>       OLD available: sound-juicer-2.14.3_1
> 00255 have:gnome2-2.14.1
>       /x11/gnome2
>       built with OLD dependency: sound-juicer-2.14.3_1
> In the case of cdrtools or libcdio or sound-juicer, 
> I think this is telling me that I have an older 
> version installed and a newer version is available.
> What should I do in this situation?
> In the case of dvd+rw-tools or nautilus-cd-burner or
> gnome2, apparently I have a solid-gold chance to mess
> up dependencies.
> What should I do here?
> Please note that I am new to FreeBSD and have a very 
> limited exposure to using "make" to build packages.
> Any links to dealing with portmanager output 
> would be appreciated.
> Jim
I use portmanger all the time. It is simply telling you that you have
ports or dependencies that need to be updated and or corrected. Nothing
is going to get broken.

Run: portmanager -u -f -y -l

It will rebuild and update all dependencies and update your any out of
date ports. There will be a log file created also --
/var/log/portmanger.log that will be available for your perusal.

It is imperative that you update your ports collections just prior to
actually running portmanger to insure you do in fact get the latest


Gerard Seibert

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