I might be offtopic...
I always get a long daily output from periodic.

Mail in local queue:
-Queue ID- --Size-- ----Arrival Time---- -Sender/Recipient-------
1D3C91DD4AA    45937 Tue May 23 10:54:42  MAILER-DAEMON
           (connect to onmail02.ongov.net[]: Operation timed out)
                                        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
571EC1DD443    28752 Thu May 25 00:40:30  MAILER-DAEMON
                (connect to paramed.biz[]: Operation timed out)
                                        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
C04121DD4A0    28736 Mon May 22 13:20:50  MAILER-DAEMON
           (connect to pistonheads.biz[]: Operation timed out)
                                        [EMAIL PROTECTED]

and many others. Is this a breakin attempt? Or is this normal? I do not know any of the e-mail addresses.


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