For testing purpose I'm trying to remake and burn the FreeBSD 6.1 CD
#1 iso image. I've put the CD in drive 0 (acd0) and:

# dd if=/dev/acd0 of=freebsd.iso bs=2k

Next I want to burn the image on a CD-R, but it fails. I'm using the
-t option now, since I've already wasted a CD on an Ubuntu image:

# burncd -s 16 -tvf /dev/acd1 data freebsd.iso fixate
adding type 0x08 file freebsd.iso size 517364 KB 258682 blocks
next writeable LBA 0
addr = 0 size = 529780736 blocks = 258682
writing from file freebsd.iso size 517364 KB
written this track 832 KB (0%) total 832 KB
Input/output error

I cannot blank or erase CD-RW media either:

# burncd -s 16 -f /dev/acd1 blank
(the process never stops)

# burncd -s 16 -f /dev/acd1 erase
(the process never stops)

I'm logged in as root. Any ideas?
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