On 1/2/03 at 11:38 AM Dan Nelson wrote:

|In the last episode (Jan 02), MikeM said:
|> Is there anything I can do so that the file system works faster with
|> such a large number of files?  I'm looking for an increase in the
|> area of 5 to 1. For example, the command "rm -rf misc" where "misc"
|> is the directory containing the 250,000 files takes a couple of hours
|> to run.  If "misc" is my current working directory, and I type "rm *"
|> I get the message that there are too many arguments being passed into
|> rm.
|In addition to the other suggestions, enabling softupdates will make
|file creation and deletion much faster (your rm -rf will speed up
|~100x, for example).

Thanks.   tunefs for enabling softupdates seems to require console access
and single user boot mode.  So I'll have to schedule that on my distant

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