> Hello,
> I want to install gcc-3.3.6 from the port /usr/ports/lang/gcc33
> to do certain test if a problem in Mplayer depends on the compiler
> version of the gcc-3.4.4 which has FreeBSD 6.0-REL installed per
> default. I'm ready to run 'make install' but I'm unsure to do.
> Will the /usr/ports/lang/gcc33 overwrite the actual gcc-3.4.4
> installation? The installed gcc does not seem to be a package itself:
> # /usr/sbin/pkg_info | fgrep -i gcc
> #
> And if it overwrites the actual gcc, how can I go back to gcc-3.4.4?
> Just via the port /usr/ports/lang/gcc34?

Ports don't overwrite the base system.  The system gcc is installed
in /usr/bin, any port-installed gcc will end up somewhere in /usr/local.
I expected to see them in /usr/local/bin, but the gcc-OOo port (for
example) ends up in /usr/local/gcc-ooo

To get it used, you'll need to tell make which one to use.  I believe
the magic incantation is to acc "CC=/usr/local/bin/gcc33" to
/etc/make.conf, but I'm not positive.  A google search should find the
correct way to accomplish that, however.

Bill Moran

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