I have an old 16-bit C++ program written for Win 3.1 that I would like to be able to run on FreeBSD. Before I try to port the application, I wanted to know if it would be possible at all. The program needs to directly access the memory range D0000-DFFFF, and as I am new to FreeBSD I don't know if this is allowed by the kernel or if the range is available. The program is for a motor control board (ISA, not PCI) and is designed to communicate with the card by writing directly to the core memory region D0000-DFFFF. It would be best described as an old ISA video card for Windows 3.1/MS-DOS where there is no real driver. The only operation the operating system need to perform separate of the program is to assign the memory region to the ISA card. Is this possible? Thanks!

-Sam Guyer
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