On May 25, 2006, at 9:13 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

James, you missed the point.  If you have an Intel MAC it came
with MacOS X (tiger) and that is basically the same operating
system as FreeBSD.  Meaning, what are you trying to gain?  If
anything, your worse off with FreeBSD since MacOS X comes with
a gorgeous user interface that FreeBSD does not have.


I can understand the desire. OS X does have a polished and beautiful desktop environment, but it is not FreeBSD. If money were no object for me, I would want a Macbook Pro with a triple boot of OS X, Win XP and FreeBSD.

Back to the original topic: James, I'm curious that you had any results booting with any BSD or Linux. The Intel Macs have no BIOS, I have read of hacks that got Linux (and Windows before Apple offered it) to work, but it didn't seem straight forward based on the accounts I read.

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I'm not joking.  This is a FreeBSD mailing list isn't it?

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Please tell me your joking, don't you know that MacOS X is
just a commercialized version of FreeBSD?

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