Scott Sipe wrote:
This is not true--how do you think Bootcamp works? It provides BIOS emulation for booting windows, and whatever else.

Secondly, why do people keep saying that OSX and FreeBSD are "basically the same operating system" -- if by basically the same you mean have a unix base, then sure. OSX runs on a hybrid mach microkernel (and with all the performance baggage this comes with). A great deal of the userland utilities originate from NetBSD or even OpenBSD in addition to FreeBSD. There is no ports system (sure, darwinports is similiar, though far less extensive). Boot system is entirely different. There's no way to buildworld or buildkernel, etc. Directory services are done completely differently than in Freebsd (netinfo?). There's not even an /etc/fstab. One could go on...

Bootcamp has nothing to do with it. Apple issues a firmware update that will allow for BIOS emulation, all bootcamp does is hold your hand through getting windows on there.

When it comes right down to it, the differences between freeBSD and MacOS X (darwin) are very minimal. No, you can't do a buildworld because you can't build the kernel source because the source is closed. But why would you need to? The kernel is already built and optomized for your Mac hardware. As you stated, the kernels are different anyways. No ports system, but when you have a plethora of point-click-install software the need isn't really there.But basic OS functioning is the same, they all (all the BSDs and MacOS) are basically the same at the os level, but not the kernel level. Also, i'm pretty sure that /etc/fstab/ exists on OS X

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