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I am a newbie to FreeBSD, though I currently use Mac OS X and am reasonably comfortable with the unix side. I am trying to install FreeBSD on a Dell Precision 210 machine (scrounged it up recently and it has a huge hard drive, otherwise I don't know much about it). I have tried installation with FreeBSD Release 6.0 and 6.1 (both the full cd and boot-only cd for 6.0; just the boot-only cd for 6.1). The machine boots and I get to the screen where I can select my boot option. I select 5, (boot with detailed messaging) and the machine goes through some SMAP messages, a couple of Copyrights and a Free- BSD claimer with an email address. It pauses here for a good 10-15min. Then I get messages regarding preloading of "elf kernel", "mfs_root" and "elf module", followed by tables 'FACP' and 'APIC', "MADT: Found table at ...", "APIC: Using the MADT enumerator", then:

MADT: Found CPU APIC ID 0 ACPI ID 1: enabled
MADT: Found CPU APIC ID 1 ACPI ID 2: disabled

It has remained at this point for at least a half-hour (through lunch, etc.), no lights flashing and does not respond to the enter key. Is this normal? I should mention that between the attempt at installing 6.0 (about 4 weeks ago) and 6.1 I had installed OpenBSD and it appeared to install and work fine, so I think the machine is okay.

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