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> > > In the last episode (Dec 10), dick hoogendijk said:

> So, somehow there has to be something wrong w/ cons25 on the bsd
> machine OR the support for it on the Debian Woody linux machine. It's
> a small thing but still a pity ;-(( Like to solve it..

Nobody seems interested anymore and it still is something that's wrong
and not working nicely. As of today I'm sure it's something in cons25
and slrn and midnight commander working through ssh.

I copied the cons25 file of my fbsd machine to my linux box hoping it
would be over, but none of this happened. Still the same results. I
cannot work remotely from my fbsd box to my linux box through ssh. the
screen gets messed up!! (slrn/mc).
The linux cons25 and fbsd version act the same ;-(

The ONLY way to work OK remotely is starting with:
"screen ssh remotehost" My screen stays uncluttered. That nice, but I
don't have an answer to the WHY ;-)

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++ Running FreeBSD 4.7 ++ Debian GNU/Linux (Woody)

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