Kyrre Nygard wrote:


I have a team of designers working on web 2.0 like sites.

I have added them all to this box, now I'm wondering what's the most convenient
way of giving them all access to /usr/local/www?

My temporary solution has been to add all users with UID and GID 80,
and then ln -s /usr/local/www ~/collabo for each user.

If users have their original UID instead of www's then somehow they can't read
or write to /usr/local/www. I thought sharing the same GID was sufficient,
but obviously it isn't. I find this very strange.

Some of them prefer just using FTP, so then being able to click on collabo@
and go straight to /usr/local/www is very convenient for them.

But is there a better way?


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Hi Kyrre.

Have you tried chmodding the www dir to be group-writable?

Also, as someone else has suggested, SVN og CVS might be a good idea. They would not solve the problem you have right now, but they might help you avoid some possible problems with many people editing the same batch of files - sharing violations. What if two people start editing the same files on their own workstations, and both upload the changes? What about version control? et cetera, ad nauseam.

Offcourse, non-repository development is possible, and I've done it myself without any issues whatsoever, but you're the one who decides what's best for your development.
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