On Sat, May 27, 2006 at 01:14:13AM +0100, Shawn wrote:
> I'm having a strange problem with cpu usage with my Athlon XP. Every so
> often there seems to be a pause where the system comes under heavy
> load for no apparent reason. If xmms was playing then I get a buzz sound
> and the mouse pointer stops just for a split second, the same with
> mplayer and vlc. Using Opera or firefox also seems to have a strange
> effect where the mouse pointer freezes while pages load, and if there
> is an animated gif on the page the cpu usage goes to 100%.
> The jabber client Gajim also makes the cpu get stuck at 100%. When I
> used gnome, nautilus did the same thing until i stopped and started the
> process in the system monitor. I have searched around and found this
> tip from the handbook but it had no effect.
> hint.apic.0.disabled="1" in /boot/loader.conf
> This happens with the generic kernel and the one i compiled for myself.
> It also lasts for a random amount of time, sometimes it is barely
> noticeable and sometimes it happens for over a second. Running
> neverwinter nights makes the system pause for 10-20 seconds seemingly
> randomly.

My system behaves much better than that, I've no mouse freeze and no
system pauses, but I did have occasonial sound skips using 4bsd on 6.1.
Switching to the ULE scheduler seems to fix this problem, but other
things may behave worse.
One year ago, it was actually the opposite, sound in ULE was really
jerky, and mouse pointer too while eg launching an app.
Did you already try both schedulers ?

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