I'm running a small network behind an ADSL router and one of the machines runs 
freeBSD 6.0-SECURITY. I'd like to configure it to run apache22. Apache fails 
to start and gives this error.

[Sat May 27 18:49:28 2006] [alert] (EAI 8)hostname nor servname provided, or 
not known: mod_unique_id: unable to find IPv4 address of "bsd-box."

How do I configure Web searches suggest three possibilities

1.  that this is a problem with DNS, edit  /etc/hosts

I've got this line in /etc/hosts localhost localhost.home.net  bsd-box.home.net bsd-box

2.  Apache is listening to devices that don't exist - I don't know how to 
explore that suggestion.

3.  If your host doesn't have a registered DNS name, enter its IP address in 

I have this line in httpd.conf


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