I'd rather run 5 SATA cables then one SCSI cable (say 68pin) with multiple heads... The darn SCSI cables are so thick, comparatively, that running them in your case is a lot harder :-)

Well everyone's mileage may vary. Parallel cables only work nicely when you have a stack of drives all close & lined up together. I personally yearn for a simple 40gbps daisychainable serial bus. I hoped firewire would have been it but we seem to be stuck at 800mpbs.

The other cabling option I forgot about is USB2 or Firewire.

There are a number of very low cost external cases that pre-package USB/Firewire SATA converters. You basically fill a hard disk case with SATA or ATA drives and connect your computer to the case via a single firewire or USB cable. I have not seen one of these that's hot swap yet but I did see a few of these recently in Tokyo Akihabara district for ~$100 so I assume they are available all over. The box's I have seen are 4 drive systems. Just fill them with your favorite commodity hard disk I guess.

At ~50MB/s the interface is plenty fast and greatly simplifies the cable issue inside the PC.


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