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hi ,all
          I am porting something from linux to freebsd ,i found the
DataTypes hard to translate ,then i saw that many types inlinux can be
found in drm_os_freebsd.h,such as
typedef int8_t    s8;
typedef int16_t   s16;
typedef int32_t   s32;
typedef u_int8_t  u8;
typedef u_int16_t u16;
typedef u_int32_t u32;

so ,what is the use of  drm_os_freebsd.h
and any advice for me to translate DT from linux to Freebsd?

"The Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) is a device-independent
kernel-level device driver that provides support for the XFree86
Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI)."  --src/sys/dev/drm/drm.h

I can't find the file your talking about so this is just a guess.

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