I have(?) an internet connetction issue... I have a router connected to a 
windows box downstaires (Lynksis wAG354G) and i use a wirelless usb adapter 
(Lynksis WUSB54G). It works fine under windows and even if some times the 
signal is lost usually it comes back by either moving the antenna a little or 
by restarting the network configuration tool. In FreeBSD the adapter is 
visible and uses ural0 driver. So if give the command 
ifconfig ural0 inet netmask but i cannot connect to 
the internet or "see" the windows box. 
Now comes the strange part. if i press ifconfig ural0 i get:

        inet6 fe80::212:17ff:fe81:881a%ural0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x1
        ether 00:12:17:81:88:1a
        media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect (OFDM/36Mbps)
        status: associated
        ssid linksys channel 11 bssid 00:14:bf:cb:71:32
        authmode OPEN privacy OFF txpowmax 100 protmode CTS bintval 100
but still i cannot connect to web pages or ping hosts.  I use KDE 3.5 and i do 
the following: 
from the Kmenu ->settings->internet and Network-> Network settings and on the 
card Network interfaces i see that there is only onde availiable interface 
fxp0 dhcp Disabled Ethernet Network Device. I know that this is my ethernet 
onboard card but if i choose Enable Interface i can connect to the 
internet!!!!!! I assume that something runs in the background that enables as 
well my wireless card but what is this?
So what's the problem you may ask... the problem is that in case that my 
connection is lost i cannot do anything to get it back up. 

i  have tried dhclient ural0 and nothing happents same with ifconfig ural0 
I have to reboot and do the procudure again and the problem is that it fails 
often if i leave the net for a while... 

Any ideas?

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