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Aren Olvalde Tyr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi
> > So now to my question! How do I avoid this dual mounting?
> I have the same problem with my memory card reader. 
> The necessary da1s1 device node slice for my SD memory card is not
> created until after it has been probed during the attempt to mount
> it. The only exception to this is if the card is already inserted
> when the system first boots up.
> Presumably there must be a way to automatically probe the USB
> device/card and create the slice so you can mount it when it is first
> inserted?
> I am wondering if /etc/usbd.conf would be of assistance here. Can you
> get the usbd daemon to automatically "probe" a device for filesystem
> slices during the "attach" stage?
> Aren.


I have been using usbd.conf for a workaround. Maybe clumsy but it
works for me!

In my usbd.conf I have:

device "Sony Ericsson W810i"
   devname "umass[0-9]+"
   vendor  0x0fce
   product 0xe042
   attach "sleep 5 ; /sbin/mount -t msdos /dev/da1 /mnt ; /etc/rc.d/devfs 

As I said, this works for me but it seams to be a bit stupid that this
kind of workaround is needed...

Thanks for listening!!!


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