I'm helping a small business expand their networking.

right now they have one office location (with a freebsd firewall box, and a freebsd box running db, web, samba, etc).

Their main office location has:
- 3 external static IPs on a DSL connection (all aliased on one nic)
- an internal network of
- a wireless network with IP range (nat'ed and running off the firewall box)

They are adding a second warehouse location. It will also have one static IP address (running on dsl also). I'd like to get a IPsec connection going between the location so all warehouse traffic goes through the main branch. I've done this much before.

They also want to subdivide up the network at their main location so some terminals can be on gige and some are on 100. I believe I've read you shouldn't mix and match 100/1000?

I don't really have any experience with how subnetting and IP ranges should work for a configuration like this (local network, remote ipsec location, wireless network, etc).

Looking for any assistance (advice, links, anything!) on how to setup a sane and well designed network.

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