Scott Sipe wrote:
> I'm helping a small business expand their networking.
> right now they have one office location (with a freebsd firewall box,
> and a freebsd box running db, web, samba, etc).
> Their main office location has:
> - 3 external static IPs on a DSL connection (all aliased on one nic)
> - an internal network of
> - a wireless network with IP range (nat'ed and
> running off the firewall box)
> They are adding a second warehouse location. It will also have one
> static IP address (running on dsl also). I'd like to get a IPsec
> connection going between the location so all warehouse traffic goes
> through the main branch. I've done this much before.
> They also want to subdivide up the network at their main location so
> some terminals can be on gige and some are on 100. I believe I've read
> you shouldn't mix and match 100/1000?
> I don't really have any experience with how subnetting and IP ranges
> should work for a configuration like this (local network, remote ipsec
> location, wireless network, etc).
> Looking for any assistance (advice, links, anything!) on how to setup a
> sane and well designed network.


You could have something like this:    # for your 100s    # for your 1000s    # for the second warehouse

Each network would be capable of handling 65,534 hosts.

Also, I don't see any problems regarding mix and match 100/1000. I'd
keep them together if they fall into same category/department

Here, some links for you:


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