Hi List!

Doesn't know if this is a FreeBSD error or a Apache error.
Im using FreeBSD 4.10 PatchLevel #23. For a number of days ago
i was sucessfully upgrading Apache from 2.0.x series to 2.2.x series.

Everything worked perfekt except newsyslog. Im using the following
in newsyslog.conf (worked perfect in Apache 2.0.x):
/var/log/apache/*.log root:wheel 640 7 * $D05 GZB /var/run/httpd.pid 30

The error that returns is this:
"newsyslog: log /var/log/apache/httpd-error.log.0 not compressed because
daemon(s) not notified"
"newsyslog: can't notify daemon, pid 30076: No such process"

I also have some problem with SSL - but I don't know if these problems
are related. I was using "passphrase exec:/dir/dir/..." - stoped working.
Needed to change to "passphrase builtin" to get it work.
Just a parenthesis of the above problem.

BR, TIA - Pelle

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