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"Iantcho Vassilev" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> DO someone know if and how GELI is resilience to power outages?
> Does the box is still encrypted? After reboot what would happen to fcsk?

Hi Iantcho ,
I dont know for a fact the effect with a power outage, but I use it quite a lot
on laptops (which a) freeze sometimes out of nowhere , and b) sometimes dont
resume properly,).  In both situations,  I've usually had geli mounted disks (1
x 6 GB, 1 x 500 MB) running when the events happened. ( as well as a 4 GB swap
which is also GELI backed)

They (touch wood) haven't suffered data loss. /usr and /var seem be more
affected by this ungraceful shutdowns than the .eli devices.

I suppose it's all cool thanks to soft-updates, and the fact that GELI encrypts
on a per block basis (yeah, no more pgp-busted disks like in Windows :) ).

good luck,
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