In the last episode (May 28), Stephen Hurd said:
Stephen Hurd wrote:
>So, I suppose my questions are these:
>1) How do people cope with custom termcap entries?
>2) Is there a *correct* way to cope with custom termcap entries?
>3) Is there a good reason to not have /usr/share/misc/termcap be a
>symlink to /etc/termcap rather than the reverse which would allow
>mergemaster to Just Work?  that is... putting it in /etc fixes a
>problem... does moving it create one or more more serious problems?
>4) Am I supposed to submit every custom termcap tweak for inclusion in
>the next release so I can keep using my terminals?

What's wrong with just putting your custom termcap entry in
/usr/src/share/termcap/termcap.src so it gets installed during

The only issue with doing that is that then I have to manually merge changes or stop using CVSup to update the sources as well as figure out how to exclude a specific file from exact mode in CVSup... or possibly I would need to switch to AnonCVS and pay closer attention to what gets updated.

This does present the possibility of a permanent solution (which is good) but seems like a fiendishly large amount of work for what seems to me like a simple task especially considering that this configuration file has been around since the late 70s.

Thanks for your input... and hope for a permanent workaround.
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