Hello Everyone,

 I have a server Up and running, 4.8-R, (well why 4.8? its up since years)
However, this server is for commercial use, recently, we started Home pages hosting,
 which requier me to give the user access to the shell,

 Well, the question,

 Lets say, I have 2 groups, Group1, Group2
 under Groupe1 is the webpages shell accounts (user accounts)
 and group2, just shell users,

If user1 from Group1 will ftp or ssh to the box, his default home path will be
But, he still can navigate thro his FTP or ssh to see the directories and read files of group1 or
group2, and play around lilbit,

PLEASE how to restrict this user from going outside his shell account and restrict him from viewing others folders and webpages ? If i will chmod to something limited, then even when
he browse the web to his webpage it wont work,

So how to have the restriction in the same time viewing his web thro any browser worldwide?

Sorry for the long email.

Thank you,

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