Aren Olvalde Tyr wrote:

On Sunday 28 May 2006 21:42, Anders Troback wrote:

In my usbd.conf I have:

device "Sony Ericsson W810i"
   devname "umass[0-9]+"
   vendor  0x0fce
   product 0xe042
   attach "sleep 5 ; /sbin/mount -t msdos /dev/da1 /mnt ; /etc/rc.d/devfs

As I said, this works for me but it seams to be a bit stupid that this
kind of workaround is needed...

Yes, indeed. I was thinking about doing a similar workaround, but surely there must be a better way of doing this. We need a way for mount to automatically probe the device for filesystems first before attempting to mount the slice.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Just out of interest, during bootup, what command is executed to probe the devices? If I put a memory card in my reader before booting the system up, the filesystem slices on the card are detected, the device node[s] are created and I can mount it straight away. This is the command I want, rather than having to run a mount command that we know will fail just to create the nodes.


I've not been following this thread too closely, but I think I've had the same problem in the past. I currently get around it by not leaving my media readers plugged in (they're both external USB readers). I insert my media card then plug in the reader and have no problems. I *think* true > /dev/da1 will get devfs to show the slices, but I can't find my old post that has that little bit of info in it. I always thought the device should trigger and event when media was inserted, and that the event should trigger devfs to show the slices....

Hope that provides insight,
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