On Tuesday 30 May 2006 01:42, Joe wrote:
> Hi,
> I've read the documentation and it seems there's no pkg_upgrade or
> pkg_update, or a way to install an updated/upgraded package.  I'd like
> to determine if that is indeed the case.
> [...]
> The documentation mentions portupgrade and portmanager as mechanisms to
> upgrade ports, but if I'm not mistaken these invoke source updates, not
> a binary upgrade as was done for the OS.  It appears that the only way
> to upgrade in binary form is to use pkg_delete -f to remove each
> package, e.g., expat 1.98, and then pkg_add to get the newer (2.0)
> version.  And then you have to be extra careful with dependencies
> between packages.
> [...]

portupgrade actually does support packages as well. Use the --use-packages 
switch. It will look for local packages, remote packages, and if both fail, 
fall back to compiling the ports.


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