At 8:22 AM +0200 5/29/06, Pelle Andersson wrote:
A number of days ago I sucessfully upgraded Apache from 2.0.x
series to 2.2.x series.

Everything worked perfekt except newsyslog. I'm using the
following in newsyslog.conf (worked perfect in Apache 2.0.x):

/var/log/apache/*.log root:wheel 640 7 * $D05 GZB /var/run/ 30

The error that returns is this:
"newsyslog: log /var/log/apache/httpd-error.log.0 not compressed because
daemon(s) not notified"
"newsyslog: can't notify daemon, pid 30076: No such process"

Your entry in newsyslog.conf tells newsyslog that it should
look at the file  /var/run/
to find the active apache process.

Newsyslog read that file when it needed to rotate the log files,
and it found the number "30076" in that file.  However, there
was no process 30076 running at that time.  Therefore, newsyslog
has to assume that whatever process *is* writing to that file
has not been notified that the file has changed.  So it will
not compress the httpd-error.log.0 file.

So, you need to find out where the new version of apache is
storing the active process-id (pid) for itself.

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