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> Folks,
> I have an ASUS P5LD2 mobo with a Marvell 88E8053 PCIe Gigabit LAN
> controller. FreeBSD doesn't seem to recognize it. Should the LAN
> controller work out of the box or am I missing a driver?
> ifconfig returns plip0: and lo0: with their respective flags.
> Sysinstall says plip0 is an "unknown interface type." The speed LED
> is orange indicating a 100 Mbps connection, but the act/link is
> off. My ISP supports DHCP.

IIRC that is the Yukon chipset. I have one on my laptop and it does
not work. They have a binary package for it and they released the
source under BSDL for it as well. The problem I have with it is it
does not detect the carrier.

Check around on the lists and you will find a link to the source. You
can find the binary driver on their site.
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