Imran Imtiaz wrote:
> I'm running squid on my freebsd but in the log most of the pages are
> TCP_MISS is that fine aur I'll have to tune squid a bit more. Most of
> the configurations are default.

What do you mean by 'most'?  A cache hit rate of 40% is not doing badly
for a general purpose web proxy, but that number can vary a great deal
depending on the particular traffic patterns you see.

I'd advise you to set up cricket or cacti or mrtg to generate graphs of
the statistics Squid generates for you -- using the built-in SNMP service
for that works pretty well.  Looking at a graph gives you a much better
idea of what is really happening than trying to intuit the results from
reading a raw logfile.  And pretty graphs keep managers amused and out
of your hair for hours...



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