Marwan Sultan wrote:
> Hello,
>  Yes, I understand that To lockup a user from navigating outside their
> home directories through
>  ftp, I simply can add them to /etc/ftpchroot and when a user connects
> It wont allow him
>  to go any level higher than his Home Directory.
>  No need for proftpd as additional port, because the base system will do
> it throu /etc/ftpchroot
>  BUT!!
>  The user can connect through SSH and navigate,
>  Here where my information stops,
>  2 questions,
> 1)  How do I have a list from few users to disallow them using SSH?
>     is there any where i add a user to disallow him from using SSH?

man sshd_config

and see AllowUsers/DenyUsers sections.

> 2) If I want to lock the user through his SSH session not FTP session
> whats the way?
>    Is jail the only way? no easier way? chroot can do it? how if yes? or
> whats the alternatives?
> Thank you guys for following up with me.
> Marwan


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