My English is not good. I am sorry about this first.   ~_~

    My system:  FreeBSD + IPFW + NAT

    Question 1:  about NAT (in FreeBSD)
                I built a "natd.conf" and it's contents are below:

                I have 2 computers in the LAN: and
                The redirect rule (above) will affect any connection which 
destination is
                But, I don't want this rule to redirect the packets sent 
from This rule will affect all nodes inside the LAN but Can I make it?

    Question 2: about Firewall (in FreeBSD)
                Is there any argument in IPFW just like the function of the 
"redirect_address" in NAT can be used? If it is, I think it may can solve 
the above problem.

    I hope I can get your reply.  Deeply appreciate  ^_^

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