Le 28/05/2006 à 14:50:05-0800, Noah a écrit
> Hi there,
> might somebody send me to a website that explains the differnce between mbox
> and maildir?  Or maybe you can just explain the differences in a response.

mbox --> one file for all message

Maildir --> One file for each message

Advantage :

        mbox --> You can use old commande like «mail» to read you mail
                 and...I search...

        Maildir -> Very scalable.
                -> Fast

Disavantage :

        mbox --> with big mbox every access (by qpopper or other mail
                deamon) need to open the file, and close. This need
                many time. 
             --> If there are some problem during the open/close time
                 the all mbox is corrupt.

        Maildir -> You can not use «mail» command.

Conclusion :

        If you don't have mail server and you want to install one --> Use

        If you have old mail server using mbox --> Think to swap to maildir.


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