Kevin Kinsey wrote:
Marwan Sultan wrote:
Hello Gurus,

I'm On FreeBSD 6.1R, apache-2.2, php5, installed plus KDE3 latest and mozilla.
 AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl .php   line is enabled in httpd.conf

 basically, i'm learning php so im very new to it.
 I used Quanta/KDevelop to create my php file.

But from the local machine when i try to browse locally (using any KDE browser) php file,
 return blank in the browser, and nothing shows!.
the .pl extention is added to apache in the addhandler, so it should excute,

PHP = "People Hate PERL" ... are you sure you don't want ".php"

 Any help please?
If I create any .php using any editor, how do i see the result of the file locally ?
 whats wrong?

 Thank you

You can use the command line "php script.php" and it will execute it for you. You can also open a browser and point it at your local webserver, ie: "lynx localhost/dir/script.php" Other than that, I do not believe there is a way to view the results of your script, and it has to be passed through the php engine.
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