Also after you have the .ko file, you need to load only that file into
the kernel.
That's what i did, because if i tried 'kldload ndis', it gave me an
error that it's allready loaded.

Another thing to check is if freebsd discovers anything on the pccard slot.

I just reread Lorin's mail and noticed that :

I added an ndis linen to loader.conf to load the .ko

dmesg shows no error messages.  But it doesn't show ndis0: being
recognized either.

When I manually try
kldload ndis
it says it is already loaded.

After compiling the module, with ndiscvt you get a module named if_ndis.ko
THAT's what you load NOT ndis.
#kldload <path>/if_ndis.ko
or copy it into /boot/kernel and
#kldload if_ndis

Same thing with using ndisgen, only the file is named bcmwl5_sys.ko
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