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Hi Stefi,

I am having trouble getting my wlan card working. My problem is that
after I load the kernel modules, I see no adapter with ifconfig. Could
you please tell me whether after moving the ko file to /boot/kenel you
did something else like kldxref or not. I tried to update the
references but it gives me an error "kldxref: can't read hash table".
Have you encountered anything of this type?


Hi Atanas

I didn't use anythin like this. All I have done was by the instructions for
ndisgen. First I recompiled kernel to be sure that the wireless support is
included. Then copy original Windows drivers for wireless card in some
directory. To cut the story, just run #ndisgen if you are runnig FreeBsd 6
or higher. Then you'll find all explanations you need on how to recompile
Windows drivers for use in BSD. It will generate kernel modules. Copy it to
/boot/kernel and load with #kldload name_of_the_file.ko. Be sure to have a
firmware for the card too.Load it all. After it you should see your device
using ifconfig like ndis0. Use FreeBSD manual to configure your card for
wireless network. Cards that are suported for sure are the one with Prism

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