"Andy Rozman (Aleksander)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi !
> I have FreeBSD 6.1 installed with big disk (300 Gb). FreeBSD is working 
> fine, but I noticed that some files become corrupt. I have about 80 Gb 
> partioned for FreeBSD and other space is divided into 3 dos (fat32) 
> partitions.
> I have some jar files on one of this "dos" disks, and javac  notices  at 
> some times that  .jar files have become corrupt. If I replace this files 
> then everything starts working ok.
> Has somebody else come accross this problem, or something similar?

I don't recall having heard of such an issue affecting anyone else.
Are you sure it isn't a hardware failure?  That would be my first
suspicion if it happened to me.

> At this time I am running only FreeBSD on my machine, but if this 
> problem persists I will have to install Windows again. Oh yes. My system 
> is running AMD X2, but I am still running under i386 kernel image, 
> because I have some problems compiling amd64...

Which may be related?
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