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On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 03:49:42PM +0300, mehmet gogebakan wrote:
i would like to install 6.1-RELEASE to my computer , configuration is:
LG cdrom 52x
8 MB Grafic card 40 gb hd p3 800 mhz processor azza motherboard could you please tell me whether this configuration is suitable, if not
tell me the minimum configuration it should be..

Running 6.1 on that should not be any problem.

In fact you could take a computer with only half the RAM of the above, half
the disk space, and half the CPU speed, and still not have a problem running
FreeBSD 6.1.

I would suppose you could run it in an even smaller machine if you
had the patience. (After all you CAN run <gasp> Windows XP on a 100MHz
machine with 32 megs of ram if you are REALLY REALLY patient.)

The above machine might benefit from additional ram if he intends to
do mail filtering on the machine. Tools like SpamAssassin eat ram for
lunch and leave very little for dinner.

{^_-}   Joanne
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