Kris Kennaway wrote:
Anyway, retry the binary upgrade as you say.

The binary upgrade started from the 6.0-RELEASE CD-ROM didn't work, but using 6.1-RELEASE floppies was successful. I peaked at the debug screen and saw how it gets done: The GENERIC .ko's get put into a separate directory, then there's an 'rm -rf /boot/kernel' and then the GENERIC directory is moved to /boot/kernel. I presume that doing it from sysinstall in a running 6.0 system, the 'rm -rf' fails in spite of the force flag. You'd think the 6.0 CD ought not to have that problem, but I'm not sure if it fetched the .ko's from 6.1 even though it got everything else from 6.1.

Thanks for your help.

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