In the last episode (Jun 01), Angelin Lalev said:
> I'm not certain to even ask the right question here, but here I go.
> Apparently, there are certain web pages that require specifically
> Arial and look like sh*th on Firefox. Since there is no Arial on
> FreeBSD and since I'm aware of the copyright and patent issues which
> prevent copying and displaying (correctly) Arial and other TTF fonts
> from Windows boxes, I was wandering is there a way to make firefox
> choose Helvetica instead of Arial and say Times New Roman instead of
> Tahoma and so on ...  The Fonts dialog on Firefox seem to only
> address the choice of default Serif, Sans-Serif and Monospace fonts.

Freetype2's auto-hinter (which does not infringe on any patents) should
be able to display Arial from the x11-fonts/webfonts port just fine.

        Dan Nelson
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