On May 31, 2006, at 3:26 PM, Andrew Reitz wrote:


For reasons that I don't want to go into here, I have recently downgraded my principal FreeBSD server from 6.1 to 4.11-RELEASE. I did this by installing a fresh copy of FreeBSD 4.11 on a clean HD, and then I rsync'd all of my data over.

Everything has been working fine, until I tried to SSH to the box this afternoon. While everything was working fine this morning, now sshd hangs up immediately on all clients that attempt to connect. In /var/log/messages, I see errors like this for every ssh connection attempt:

May 31 15:21:06 redefine sshd[8543]: error: ssh_dss_sign: sign failed
May 31 15:21:06 redefine sshd[8543]: fatal: mm_answer_sign: key_sign failed

Google hasn't enlightened me at all. This was *just* working a few hours ago, and now, nada. Does anyone on this list have any ideas?

Curiously, I just restarted sshd, and now things are working again. Has anybody ever seen this before?

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