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Hey did anyone see the article on /. about Sendmail being removed from
NetBSD, and being replaced with Postfix?

What advice can you offer about doing this on FreeBSD? What's
involved, How do you do it, are there any gotta's (cron scripts?),
etc?.... Is it just as simple as installing the Postfix port? How do
you stop buildworld from reinstalling sendmail? /etc/mail/mailer.conf?

Oh hmm, I see there's a section in the FreeBSD handbook that deals
with this topic... Oh well I've already wrote this much... maybe you
guy and gals have something more to add.

make install clean - follow the instructions in the pkg-message file - done. (Except for any configuration you need to do. If it's a standalone server to send mail from localhost, you don't need to do anything to get it working.)

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